Hanging and mounted, these open shelving kitchen storage ideas feature Boho sensibilities, incorporating industrial, contemporary and minimalist considerations. Key materials include metal brass pipe, wood and glass.

Caving in to laziness

I'm looking to streamline my life, starting with the obnixous task of tidying up. I've purged unecessary clothes, papers and dishes. Open shelving in the kitchen will keep this household disciplined. 

As a DIY project, mounted pipe shelving presents a manageable solution. 


A delicate act of thin, brass pipe and glass.  This tailored, asymmetrical shelving unit sheds the bulk of most mounted pipe units. Dainty, double rails streamline the look.  Source unknown.

Specializing in metal and wood finishes, Amuneal embodies polished progression.  


Stripped down in material and color, this kitchen's open design is a study in subtlety. A soft white anchors the color palette, warmed with touches brassy metallics, rustic woods and spring-fresh greens.  Via Domino.

Half committed to open-shelving. Source unknown.


Open shelving for the Parisian kitchen vignette. One of 20 timeless designs featured in this Domino curation

Modular open shelving maintains visual clearance through this ultimate 1990s throwback. Design by Doherty studio.