Why Dubstep Kicks Ass for Runners

Here’s the clever way to optimize your daily run – music. It’s proven to affect heart rates, which can aid in steady breathing during workouts. But one morning I forgot my iPhone, embarking on a long jog without my beloved Beyonce station on Pandora. Relying instead on my inner rhythm, I discovered that counting in my own head maintained steady breathing, whereas the varied songs from streaming radio impacted my breathing at every song change.

So I ditched the music for a while, until a trail run with my husband reintroduced me to Dubstep.

To be sure, you won’t find me listening to Dubstep for kicks. No matter how hard he tries, my husband has yet to convince me Dubstep is good roadtrip music. Or club music. Or house-cleaning music. I didn’t even make it through all the mobile video snippets he once sent me from the ultimate Dubstep experience, a Skrillex concert in Las Vegas last year.

When Dubstep rocks


woman runner jogger cityBut as running music, Dubstep kicks ass. The songs are longer – sometimes more than twice as long as your average pop radio song. And the beats are steady. Consistent enough to give you a good rhythm for running without disrupting your breathing. So while counting to myself is almost meditative during runs, listening to the extended compositions of Dubstep provides a mental escape that makes the time (and distance) pass with ease.

Alas, Dubstep isn’t the only path to a music-induced runner’s high. Some very clever individuals have taken the time to create playlists with songs all thumping at the same tempo, from low to high, meeting your workout needs. Here are some tempo-specific playlists to check out on Spotify, along with a fitness tracker and mobile apps that double as music players.


The Clever Runner


heartbeat hearts drawingTempo-specific playlists on Spotify

Running Mid Tempo > 140 BPM

Running Low Tempo < 140 BPM

Running to Rock 170-190 BPM

Running High Tempo 170 – 180 BPM


Dubstep playlist on spotify

Dat Dubstep


Fitness tracker, apps that stream music 

Spotify + Samsung Galaxy S5 sport

RunKeeper & Endomondo apps support 3rd party music apps, including Spotify

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