Upgrade on the Go : Rana Florida Shares 8 Things That Make Her Smarter

Rana wants to upgrade you. As CEO of The Creative Class Group and author of the best-seller “Upgrade, Taking Your Work and Life from Ordinary to Extraordinary“, Rana Florida knows how to pump originality into the every day. She’s upgraded business development, marketing and global operations for the likes of BMW, Converse and Johnson & Johnson. Today she shares 8 things that make her smarter, from jet-setting iPhone apps to her favorite wireless gadgets.

Rana Florida



1.  Nike +

We could all use our own personal trainer.  It measures all your activity, every day activity, work outs, measures your time, distance and calories and even let’s you program music to your activities to keep you motivated.

2.  Sleep Cycle

Don’t mess with my 8 hours of sleep!  Everyone needs a good night’s rest.  This app let’s you monitor your sleeping patterns and wakes you in your lightest sleep phase rather than during deep sleep so you arise feeling refreshed and well-rested.

sonos sub



3.  Sonos

Let’s you play music anywhere in your house, any room with controls right on your iPhone or iPad.  You can access satellite radio, your iTunes, rhapsody, songza and so much more.  Love this app.

4.  MiFi

Getting online on the go can be challenging.  And ‘Free Public WiFi’ is a fat cruel joke, it never works!!  When you need to get work done on trains, planes, hotels, coffee shops and the back of taxis MiFi by Verizon gets you a highspeed internet connection instantly.  It’s a time saver!



5.  1Password

We all have a gazillion passwords, email, banking, online credit card, travel, twitter, facebook, it’s enough to make us crazy. And now password have to have a number and a symbol, who the cuss can memorize that!  1Password stores all your passwords and syncs them across devices.



6.  Instagram

Not just for enhancing photos and staying connected with friends and family but it’s quickest and easiest way to follow creative and innovative trends in design, architecture, fashion, arts and more.  Also serves as a free photo storage backup.




7.  TripIt

It’s your virtual travel assistant. If you email flight and hotel confirmations to TripIt and they’ll automatically get logged and organized on your iPhone, along with maps, directions and additional helpful information to make your travel safer and easier.

8.  Uber

Time is your most precious resource, don’t waste it waiting around for a cab.  Rain and snow can you leaving you standing outside for hours, throwing off your entire day.  Uber it!


Interview by Kathryn Buford, founding Editor of LiveUnchained
Intro & Graphics by Kristen Nicole Martin