The Most Terrifying Species of the Future

If any other species were evolving as fast as we are, it’d be terrifying. This was a final point of discussion with photojournalist Rick Smolan during an interview for his book The Human Face of Big Data, pondering the impact of real time predictive analytics, strides in artificial intelligence and the rise of the machines.
So when Smolan’s book was being turned into a film, I asked him what species would be most terrifying if it could evolve as quickly as humans. His answer was out of this world. Check out his new film, a documentary of the same name as the 2012 book, on CuriosityStream, available today.

Future’s most terrifying species:

“There is a great quote I heard recently – something to the effect that once a robot makes a mistake neither it nor any future robots will ever make that same mistake,” Smolan said.  “I’ve also read that every Tesla car does a daily download back to headquarters to add to the driving data base, effectively making Tesla cars smarter every day.  
“My worry, like that of Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, Bill Joy and others, is that once computers reach human levels of processing, we may appear to be an invasive parasite fouling the planet and may decide we are no longer serving any purpose.  I also worry with the advent of CRISPR, we may well re-engineer our own and other species, which would bring about dire, unexpected effects.”


photo credit: neuromancer via photopin (license)