Still Awaiting These Beautiful Smart Vents

A year after unveiling its smart vents to the world, Keen Home continues development on its breakthrough product. Reaching fame with a successful appearance on the popular investor show Shark Tank, Keen looks to retrofit regular homes with connected technology. The Wi-Fi connected vents communicate with each other, and can connect to smart home platforms powered by Zigbee to increase home energy efficiency by routing hot or cold air appropriately throughout the house. The idea is to eliminate hot and cold spots, offering homeowners an affordable alternative to replacing entire HVAC systems or purchasing more expensive smart home services.

What’s intriguing about Keen Home is its effort to address wasted energy costs at the source – the vents. Such an approach to smart home design is needed in today’s transitioning world, where technology should work with existing schemas as they pertain to devices, services and products.

keen home smart vent cover design options retrofit home automation shark tank

The smart vents will also communicate with other devices, likely the Nest learning thermostat, to gather more data about a home’s energy use and theoretically improve both systems. Keen Home has already shared plans to open source its software, encouraging developers and other device makers to connect with its smart ventilation system.

The icing on the cake is Keen’s approach to product design (shown above), improving not only on the function of standard vent covers, but their look as well. Two design options are currently available for pre-order, while a third and very sexy “wave” design is in the works.

We hope to see Keen’s smart vents hit the market very soon.

Images via Keen Home