What You Missed in Smart Design : Grace Kelly Stature with Smart Necklace

From necklaces that monitor your posture to remote-control laundry rooms, the start of 2015 is bustling with new connected devices and smartly designed products. Here’s what you missed this week in smart design:

Fineck smart necklace

Fineck smart jewelry


Where most wearable trackers monitor steps taken and calories burned, Fineck is looking after your posture. A stylish necklace that tracks neck movements, Fineck knows when you’ve been sedintary too long. With vibration reminders directly through the smart necklace and push notifications to its accompanying smartphone app, Fineck encourages neck exercises through interactive games and animations.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter this month, Fineck is one of several new entrants to the smart jewelry market. Ringly is another smart jewelry startup to achieve financial support, announcing a $5.1 million round of funding this week.

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GE smart fridge 2


GE smart appliances


Launching an entire line of connected appliances, General Electric is looking to position itself at the center of your smart home. Challenging Samsung’s existing line up of smart appliances, GE is differentiating its offerings with problem-solving features like the ability to freshen laundry with an extra tumble cycle in the dryer. Compared to some of Samsung’s less practical features, like a music-playing app on their connected refrigerator, GE could bring fresh perspective to the smart home appliance market. The company has invested $1 billion in smart home technology since 2011, and hopes to leverage connected products as ongoing research opportunities towards product improvements, troubleshooting, repairs and future updates.

Included in GE’s new line is a smart oven that can be controlled via smartphone app and  a sensor-riddled smart fridge that sends alerts when a filter needs to be replaced. GE is also making it easy to retrofit existing water heaters with remote-control capabilities thanks to a $49 add-on unit.

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Avidor wallet


Avidor wallet


Upping the ante on the minimalist wallet trend, Avidor has successfully raised funds for its newest design on crowdfunding site Indiegogo. With a Bluetooth tracker that connects phone to wallet, reports on when the wallet’s been opened and a built-in NFC chip for near-field communications purchases, Avidor seems to have it all.

Added perks for the handmade wallet include quality materials such as Herbert Kade leather, and a feasible price point at just $75.

liquid co key caddy


The Clever Key Caddy


Crafting a key holder slim enough to fit in the coin pocket of your 5-pocket jeans, the new Key Caddy by Liquid Co. is revolutionizing the key ring. The caddy has a post-screw capability that allows you to place keys inside the holder, engineered for durability and frequent use. Once the keys are placed in the caddy, they can be flipped out for use, like a Swiss Army knife.

The caddy can hold up to eight keys, and comes in four modern colors including white, grey, black and gold.


feature image by Retrogasm via photopin cc