Meet the Minds of Mr. Harris : Home Studio Tour with Famed Architect + Artist

After decades of reshaping the cityscape of Atlanta, famed architect Oscar Harris FAIA returns to his artist roots. He’s even going back to school to perfect the craft that catalyzed his desire to design buildings. Mr. Harris wanted to see his drawings manifest, and his work has become inseparable to the Atlanta spirit.

I recently sat down with Mr. Harris to discuss his autobiography, witnessing firsthand the entrepreneurial spirit that led to his successful practice Turner Associates and Planners, Inc. Responsible for possibly the most beautiful addition to Hartsfield International Airport, the MLK Jr. Visitors Center and the legendary Centennial Olympic Park, Mr. Harris’ firm literally helped redraw the city of Atlanta.

Now he turns back to his first love, art. Offering a home studio tour, Mr. Harris was a most indulging and and dynamic host, showing off his favorite pieces displayed proudly in this quiet and picturesque corner dedicated to work.

See the entire interview below.