Haute Halloween : Automated Design + DIY Style

For the geek chic and the simply chic, here’s some haute Halloween inspiration. From smart ways to automate your haunted house to smarter ways to step up your spooky decor game, here’s to a high-end holiday.


Hands-off Halloween


There’s nothing more thrilling than a haunted house on Halloween, and today’s technology can automate the most ghoulish of effects. Sensors, pressure plate switches and projectors can help you trick out your house for Halloween. But don’t let the thought of wiring up a haunted house scare you – there’s options for even the most non-technical of tricksters. Learn all about the DIY methods, including materials and instructions, on SiliconANGLE.

Pumpkin Patch


This go-to gourd is Halloween’s mascot. Here’s some crafty tutorials for fresh ways to liven up your pumpkin patch.


pumpkin patch DIY decorative no carve painted glitter geometric ombre centerpiece haute halloween

Clockwise, from top-left: Funky OmbreFloral centerpieceConfetti-dipped, Glitter stems, Copper-paintedGeometric stenciled, Purple glazedOwl-painted


Sexy Skulls


Who knew skulls could be so decorative?

Skull collage haute Halloween high end holiday geometric wall art crystal planter terrarium curiosity vessel jingle bell

Clockwise, from top left: Geometric wall artCarved crystal planterDead ringer jingle bellCuriosity vessel 


Pumpkin Spiced


A mild gourd that captures the flavor of autumn, here’s some recipes that star the beloved pumpkin.

pumpkin recipes halloween dinner party salad dressing french toast gnochi sugar cubes

Clockwise, from top left: Kale with sweet potato salad and pumpkin spice dressingSpiced sugar cubesPumpkin ricotta gnocchiPumpkin pie french toast

photo credit: Nick Kenrick. via photopin cc