Evatopia’s Journey: Curating Woman’s Artistic Spirit

A little bit girly, a little bit boho, Evatopia is a haven for creatives of all sorts. The blog’s founder Margery Walshaw offers a curated selection of books, music and artisan products for women. What started as a resource for screenwriters quickly expanded to novelists, and has since grown to encompass related aspects of an art lover’s lifestyle.

Today we hear from Margery of Evatopia’s journey, blossoming into a network cultivating a spirit of girl-powered ingenuity, and how Evatopia’s nurtured Margery’s professional goals along the way.

margery walshaw

TCL: What compelled you to launch Evatopia?

Evatopia: My background was in P.R. and journalism so I wanted to combine those skills to help writers develop their work and then promote them. As time went on, I realized that the same people who buy these writers’ books would also be interested in many of the products offered by female indie artisans, so I branched out and now Evatopia is… a perfect world of creative women.

Your history is in promotions – how has this experience boosted your entrepreneurial efforts?

It’s made me think outside the box to find clever and affordable ways to promote oneself. For instance, this fall I am teaching classes in writing at a local arts school and I hope to expand that to one day put these classes online.

You’ve got quite an eye for good books – what’s your selection process?

Promoting books in Hollywood is tough work. Just because I enjoy a book doesn’t mean it has wide audience appeal and that’s what it needs to be picked up for television or film. So, I have to first determine if it’s a story I would want to read. Then, if it’s something that I can’t help but tell others about. And finally, if it’s original and a story that hasn’t been told before or if it’s a time honored story, but told in a unique way.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 8.58.00 PM

Three books you’d save from a fire?

#1: My new absolute favorite: Girl on a Train.
#2: Bel Canto, because it’s a haunting story that has stayed with me for years.
#3: Bergdorf Blondes, because sometimes I just need to laugh.

How does participating in the Etsy community support your cause at Evatopia?

Etsy is a showcase for some wonderfully talented artisans. I turn to it to find creative women who are pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams. Those are the types I want to help and promote.

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What are your ultimate goals with Evatopia?

I would like Evatopia to become a gathering place of the finest female creative minds… a place that supports creative women and encourages others to seek them out as well.


What types of services do you provide with the Evatopia writing academy?

Via evatopia.org and margerywalshaw.com, writers receive book writing, editing, and launch support. If you have a book in you, Evatopia will help get it out and into the marketplace. That means we do everything from proofreading and editing to ghostwriting and instruction on how to get your ideas onto paper. Once the book is complete, we contract with top cover artists and formatters to create a sellable book and then help writers with digital uploading to major e-retailers and finally, promotion and marketing.

 What does “being clever” mean to you?

Clever is when someone does something that makes you want to tell others. When I read about a clever idea, I can’t wait to tell my family. They’re often times simple ideas, but always the ones that make you say, “Now why didn’t I think of that?”

photo credit: DSC_4115 via photopin (license)