Designing the Absurd : 8 Things That Make Matthew Murphy Smarter

I’m a strong believer in sleep, and so is Matthew Murphy, co-founder of Appsurdity. Murphy’s company is behind the popular Quad app, the only group chat messenger to support up to 500 members in a single room. Overcoming such a technical feat required creativity, foresight and a clear mind to process it all (that’s where sleep comes in).

Perhaps one of the funnest executives I’ve met this decade, Murphy shares 8 things that make him smarter.

matthew murphy appsurdity co founder

 8 things that make Matthew Murphy smarter


  1. Exercise daily
  2. Sleep enough so you’re refreshed
  3. Eat healthy so you have the energy to perform at your best
  4. Break up the work day with some time to have fun with your colleagues (i.e. a game of ping pong)
  5. Listen to Audible books during the morning commute (my favorites are biographies of great leaders)
  6. Clear your head by spending time with your family / kids, which helps fuel creativity and my imagination
  7. Take time to stop and admire amazing accomplishments (i.e. the building of a bridge)
  8. Stay organized and focused with tools like Evernote, Omnifocus and Quad. I make it a habit to write everything down that I need to work on so my head is clear, focused and not worried about forgetting something.
This is an excerpt from my full interview with Appsurdity co-founders Matthew Murphy and Mary Yang, for SiliconANGLE