Couture + Connected Kitchen : Highlights of SieMatic’s S1

Where European design meets the smart home. German cabinet maker SieMatic is among the earliest to incorporate connected devices into the design of their kitchens, all while maintaining the signature sleek look of modernism. For smart device storage and charging, SieMatic drawers can be fitted with a USB charging station. This drawer module is wired to an existing outlet, connected during installation. Additional kitchen modules also come with charging inserts that can be hidden from plain view.

Exclusive to the SieMatic S1 line is the touch screen wall panel that syncs with your smartphone, tablet or laptop to display and control the connected device’s screen. Tied through Bluetooth technology, this is a forward-thinking way to incorporate personal devices into a smart kitchen. The panel doesn’t interfere with the kitchen design, and can evolve with the changing face of personal devices over time.

Siematic smart home digital touch screen wall panel bluetooth connected kitchen modern contemporary futuristic interior design geek chic tech Bluetooth

What’s important to know about this caliber of custom kitchen design is its price point and availability. “You’ve got to really want the S1 because it’s very expensive and you’ve got to be patient,” a SieMatic spokesperson tells me. The S1 can reach tens of thousands of dollars, and can also be tricky to find ready as a display or purchase in the United States. According to SieMatic, interest in the S1 has been higher in Europe than in the states. That all means the S1 is recommended for buyers most certain it will meet their culinary needs, as the materials will likely need to be shipped from Europe.

As far as the maintenance on the S1’s digital panel, installation and ongoing tech support are provided by SieMatic itself, according to a SieMatic spokesperson.

The video below is a slideshow of Siematic images and clips, demonstrating the S1 line.